Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Outfit of the Day: This is What Happens.

 I swear to you my at-home style is slowly evolving (devolving?) into "jaunty moto lumberjack" which I am pretty sure is not a thing, but maybe it is now. Today I decided I couldn't wait one more day to wear my new Sorel boots so I just threw them on with what I was already wearing:

I mean, not awful, right? It kinda works. I have so far only worn my cute Sorel boots around the house but they are SO COMFY. Like, immediately cozy and comfortable. My feet are warm and happy and it's  nice to take a break from my usual around-the-house Ugg boots or Birkenstock clogs. I'm also wearing my Athleta moto Headlands Hybrid tights (sold out, but the Delancy Tight is similar moto style) and my striped Old Navy sweater which I posted a quick review of back in December.) It's a really great cheap-and-cheerful purchase that I do not regret at all. I really love that it's basically tunic-length so I don't even have to wear it with real pants. 

I love red with a black and white combo, so I dusted off my red leather Longchamp Le Pliage bag which feel so BIG after mostly just carrying my tiny crossbody. It's lightweight and smooshy, though, so still easy to carry and wear. The updated version and the nylon version are both on sale at Off Fifth right now and it's available in pink at NR. 

Details! Man, I do love this bag. I'm also wearing some jewelry which you can sorta see here:

My pendant necklace is by Pyrrha Jewelry and my moonstone earrings are Three Flames Silverworks (who is so talented! Please check her out.) 

One more look at my Sorel Explorer Joan boots! I obviously haven't had a chance to try them in snowy conditions but so far I am delighted by their fit and comfort. And they cute, duh. There are a few sizes on sale here and they're also available in more sizes and colors on Zappos. (Ever the enabler!) 


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