Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Adrien: It's Come To This.

Still sick of all my summer stuff but it's forced me to dig a little deeper in my closet and come up with some groundbreaking stuff here:

I know! Cropped pants and a t-shirt. It's a cute t-shirt, though with good details (like an exposed zipper in the back) that I always neglect to photograph. It's from Ann Taylor and I tend to forget I have it. They currently have a tee with a similar shirttail hem but I like this long sleeved version at LOFT. And I'm usually frowny about cap sleeves but I love this drapey purple tee at Athleta. And since we're talking about purple, how beautiful is this DVF top? Ugh. So beautiful.

My cropped pants are Banana Republic Sloan Fit and they have cool moto details that totally disappear in photos. (That seems to be the theme of this outfit - cool details you don't get to see. Sorry!) I wear them lot and I should probably try on a few of the new Sloan Fit styles for comparison. I really like this olive pair but who knows with BR. Everlane has a new pair of stretch ponte skinny pants and I'm super curious about them, so that might be an option. And of course, there's always the J.Crew Pixie pants, which I keep meaning to try. People swear by them. 

Daniel stopped by to make sure my black pants had the proper amount of cat hair on them. Thanks, buddy. On to details:

I'm wearing my rediscovered La Mer wrap watch which now has a fresh battery so it even tells time. I've had this watch for a long time and it's still holding up great. Despite that, I'm still pretty into the white version.  My beaded spike necklace is Banana Republic who is currently tempting me with this silver spike pendant. Ann Taylor has this beaded pendant which is similar to mine except replaces the spike with a tassel. You know I like that. And for pure spiked goodness, I love this Lulu Frost pendant a LOT.

My bag is an eBay-purchased black MBMJ Too Hot To Handle hobo that I've been carrying a lot. The Ligero style is similar (and on sale!) but this black leather Fossil hobo is a much nicer price and looks damn good. And, for under $100, this sleek hobo at Kohls is a great inexpensive option. 

Finally, my Madewell sidewalk skimmers in leopard. They're my favorite and they are in bad shape because I've worn them a ton and calf hair just doesn't have great longevity. But, I love the look so I'll probably get another pair. The Gemma flat by J.Crew definitely appeals but this pair at Talbots also looks pretty nice. Or, I could go for something a bit fun like this scalloped trim pair? Or, ooh, maybe this t-strap pair? Or patent leather captoe? Gah, I need to lie down. 

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