Monday, October 3, 2016

Monday Post is Monday-Ish.

M: I am obsessed with these beyond reason. They make me mad.

A: Mixed feels.

M: They are soooo my flavor.

A: I want them to be less dollars.

M: Well yes that is the problem.

A: In theory it wouldn’t be hard to cut your own, but I know better.

M: Yeah seems like a good way to ruin jeans.

M: Plus their denim is nice and heavy and the rise is great, cutting up cheap jeans wouldn't do.

M: Sigh.

M: I’ll just watch longingly.

A: Time to sell some stuff?

M: Haha

(But no, seriously! I’ve added a few new things to the shop with more to come! Issa! Anthro!)

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  1. Pilcro has something similar at Anthropologie, if that helps...