Friday, October 14, 2016

Cute Boy Friday: Milo Ventimiglia

I recently powered through all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls because I'd never watched it before, much to Marianne's horror. This wrong needed to be righted.  There were many text convos that went like this:

A: Dean's hair is not getting better.

M: Oh certainly not.

A: Like, wow.

M: Matches his personality.


A: Season 7 WTF




M: I am a Paris Emily Mrs Kim hybrid

A: I love Paris so hard

M: Same

ANYWAY. Poor Marianne, she had to relive it all through me. I think Jess is probably my favorite of Rory's men because he seemed like exactly the guy I would've fallen for in high/school college. I mean, a moody little bitch, yeah, but a moody little bitch with dark eyes and amazing hair:

RIGHT. Not bad. Not bad at all. There's some Jake Ryan feels up in here. 

Ugh, seriously. No contest. You suck, Dean. This guy:

AND THEN. Then I started watching This Is Us and YOU GUYS. It opens with a shot of Milo's bare ass. They definitely know their audience. Also, he looks like this now:

This boy? Has been EATING HIS COD:

And, he does actually know how to smile: 

This is cute. The End. 


  1. OK but the Logan years? No. Currently watching it with my kid and keep telling her, if anyone talks to you or treats you like Logan - run. away. Kiddo and Ace, ack!

  2. Yas! You know when I first noticed him? Summer of 2000 in the show Opposite Sex about a few boys who attended a newly coed all girls' school. Thus, my crush on him is nearly as old as my crush on Johnny Depp.

  3. I never missed an episode of GG when it was on originally and have powered through the complete series via Netflix TWICE now with my daughter. We missed the Luke's Diner pop-up 2 weeks ago when my own mother (who I watched the show with originally) feel coming out of the parking garage and broke her wrist. So Friday, November 25, is the Netflix revival with 4 new mini-movies!! Team Gilmore!!! I think Rory and Jess and probably more like besties and not a couple as grownups.


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