Thursday, June 10, 2021

Review: Old Navy Camo Everyday Shorts.

So, in our quest for shorts, Marianne ordered, like, ten different pairs and one of the best was this pair of camo shorts from Old Navy. I selfishly used this information to buy myself the exact same pair because I want to be just like her and anyway, she's used to me copying her:

They're not, like, holy grail shorts or anything but they tick all of my boxes: mid-high waist, 5" inseam, cheap as hell. Y'all, these shorts are FIFTEEN DOLLARS right now and they also come in solid colors and in a cute chambray linen blend. I bought them in two sizes because who even knows anymore and they both kind of fit. This is the smaller size that I'm wearing:

I'd say go with your regular size on these unless you prefer your shorts on the roomier side. That said, might end up keeping both pairs mostly because I'm too lazy to return them. Plus, they both kinda fit? I don't know.

When Marianne showed me her pair she was wearing them with a striped shirt so I stole that too because listen, she always looks cute. I think the key to pairing patterns is to mix a big pattern with a small one. Plus, like leopard print, camo print is basically a neutral, right?

My striped tee is from Madewell last year but they have a similar one and there's also a linen version that look very cute. And check out this cute blue stripe! I want all the stripes, always.

 My tiny necklace is a compass pendant I got in a Rachel Zoe box years ago, but this one by Gorjana is very similar with a prettier chain. I'm also wearing my tusk pendant from a Madewell layering set I got last year but this one seems really fun and ooh, you can just get some charms and make your own set! 

That's it for today. Go buy yourself some cheap-ass camo shorts and wear them with stripes or whatever you like. 

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