Friday, July 16, 2021

Weekend Window Dresses: Lean Into The Crazy

So, have y'all noticed how crazy fun the dresses are this summer? Bold patterns, ruffles, huge sleeves, it's a party. I definitely lift an eyebrow as some of the more prairie sister-wife offerings but otherwise there's a sense of fun and joy in clothing this season, and as we're released back into the world, let's lean in and celebrate the summer all wild-like, yes? Here's what I love:

This is a Maeve dress and it has zebras mixed into the print. I APPROVE. 

How pretty and floaty is this dress? This is one that'll get you noticed. 

Another fun (and on sale) offering from Farm Rio! They make the coolest crazy dresses.

This is a bit tamer but the color is so good. I just love an in-your-face poppy red. 

H&M is reliable for their Very Extra patterns! This is amazing, right? It'll sell out fast. 

Maybe bright colors aren't for you? This offering from Old Navy brings it in black and white.

This little number is from Target! Such a flattering color and sleeves that are big but not too big.

This gorgeous dress broke Marianne's heart (she's between sizes) but isn't it beautiful? 

One more from H&M because they are killing it right now. I love this print so much. 

Finally, nobody does caftans quite like Emerson Fry and this one is pure summer joy. 

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