Wednesday, July 28, 2021

BUY THIS (So We Don't Have To): Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Yay.

 Okay, do you feel a lack of enthusiasm on my part when it comes to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? It's not that I don't love a good sale, it's that this particular sale is frustrating on a few levels. I discussed one of my issues last year and I also don't like the exclusive nature of the roll-out, because by the time it's open to the general public, a lot of the hot items are sold out. Rude. But, see my rant from last year on the hot items, which may not be that hot. Anyway, there are still plenty of great deals to be had and here's what I really love:

Maybe its that I live in the pacific north west now but I am REALLY into these lumberjack-esque boots. Is it just me? They're by Timberland and I just think the color combo is so sharp.

I always want fancy candles and this set of minis is a great way to figure out your favorite or, squirrel them away for amazing stocking stuffers if you're that person. (I am not but I wish I was.) 

There's just something about a giant, cozy sweater, right? Maybe not right now, but one day soon you will want this to wear with leggings and those boots up there.

Ugh, this Clare V. tote is hurting my feelings. It's so understated and cool. 
I want to be understated and cool! Maybe this bag will do that? (It might, shut up.) 

Oooh face gadgets. Does anyone have this dermaplane thingy? 
Because I kind want this dermaplane thingy. A lot.

These are Frame jeans and I think they are CUTE AS HELL. That is all. 

Sweaty Betty is one of those fitness brands I haven't tried (yet) but I would definitely like to start with these amazing leopard print leggings. And they have pockets! 

Hey, guess what? Lipstick is (maybe) back? Throw away all your expired crap and try some fun new colors from MAC with this set of minis. 

If you're looking for a tiny adorable crossbody bag, this Madewell number is what you need. 

I am never not going to recommend a classic pair of Ray-Bans because I love mine a lot. 

These are weird, right? But also really cool with that giant chunky chain? 
Loafers aren't usually my thing but these are something else. 

And finally, like last year, I am going to say that AllSaints leather jackets are worth every penny and it doesn't get more rock 'n roll classic than the Balfern. Dew eeeet.


  1. I tried the dermaplane tool when it was on sale at Sephora - not worth it at all. Ulta has a similar tool (without the silly prep and post lotions) for around 20 dollars that I think works better.

  2. Sadly the one item I desperately want sold out with the ambassadors. However, generally these items are restocked and then go on sale later in the season. I did buy some staples for myself and my family (jeans, underwear, flip flops, etc) which were at good prices! Look forward to the sale but not as much as prior years as lately I can't ever access the items I want (and how can you spend more if your items are not available?)


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