Friday, July 9, 2021

Weekend Window Shopping: Who Needs a Crossbody Bag?

Longtime blog reader Leandra recently posted in the comments that she was looking for a new crossbody bag. I mean, challenge accepted, right? I combed the internets in search of some fun-but-useful options. Here's what I like:

This Anthro sling bag comes in a bunch of colors but I kept coming back to this dove grey because it's so unusual. It's also surprisingly affordable. 

This J.Crew bag is kind of expensive but... just kidding. THIS IS A TARGET BAG. I was debating posting the J.Crew version but decided it was too expensive and then found this! SO CUTE.

This coated canvas bag from Cole Haan comes in a few colors but isn't this blue combo amazing?
It reminds me of a Liberty print and it's very on sale right now. 

This excellent leather bag is by Frye and comes in three colors. This just seems like it the kind of classic, vintage-style bag that will only get better with age. 

This beautiful Hammitt bag follows me like a creeprr around the internet. It comes in a bunch of colors and finishes but this woven version is very summery and appealing.

This is your classic J.Crew camera bag but it's classic for a reason! I love this super neutral sand color for summer. It's simple and will go with everything. 

This Madewell bag is a great larger option (because maybe you want to carry more than just the essentials!) It also comes in more colors but I love the black/white combo here with the woven strap. 

Y'all know I love a red bag almost more than anything. This NR bag is not messing around and would elevate any outfit with a pop of GODDAMN THIS IS RED. 

This looks kind of fancy but it's H&M! It's bigger than it looks, which is a nice change from all the teeny-tiny crossbody bags I've been seeing. 

Finally, I just cannot say enough good things about the Lo & Son Pearl bag, which I've carried more than any other bag in the past year. It's the perfect size, has great organization, and it takes to fun straps really well. Plus, it's 40% off right now and comes in a bunch of good colors. Go for it. 


  1. I took a blush Furla camera bag and added Etsy $25 fun strap from and get SO many compliments!

  2. These are all SO GREAT! Now to decide. Thank you!!

  3. Love the "Almost Perfect" section of Portland Leather Goods! I got the smaller version of this circle bag for under $60!

    1. That is so cute! Thank you for linking it.


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