Monday, July 12, 2021

BUY THIS: Because It's Stalking Me.

 Do you guys have a million screenshots on your phone of the tempting things that stalk you across the internet? Just me? Huh. Maybe it's because I'm constantly searching for things to post (to tempt you if we're being honest) and somehow it always, always backfires into me wanting things because they freaking STALK ME. It's so rude. Here's what's been following me lately:

Okay, this damn Seasalt swimsuit has been EVERYWHERE lately and I'm definitely tempted. It just seems so flattering and I love the strappy look from the back as well. It comes in fun colors but I'm boring and really like the black version the best. 

This Stio jacket is SO CUTE and even though I am not sure this is my color, I still dig it. 
And of course it's on sale now because OF COURSE IT IS. 

A podcaster I like was recently raving about this product (one of those, not-quite-a-foundation glowy things) and y'all, I want to try it so badly. Does anyone use it? Love it? Hate it?

THIS DRESS. I haven't been into Banana Republic for a long time but this is from BR Factory where they are apparently hiding all the cute stuff. I mean, how good is this floaty little dress? It also comes in a dark pattern but I really like this lighter version. So summery.

This sling bag is meant for runners but while looking for something to wear for hikes it suddenly appeared and has been a-stalking me everywhere. It comes in solid colors but I love this fun print. 

Oh cool, The Laundress has a fancy candle with notes of eucalyptus, thyme, rosemary, lavender, and amber. COOL. I totally don't want this at all even though it's everything I love. COOL. 

GUESS WHO. BR Factory again. I'm not sure about the sleeves but oh my god who cares. I love the print and it just looks like the perfect thing to wear with cut-off short. Sigh. 
I also really love this one and HOW IS THIS HAPPENING. 

You click on cute clog sandals ONE TIME and they are in your internet life forever. These are MIA and I adore the natural leather because it's so much warmer than plain white. 

I'm go to take a break from the internet, maybe. 


  1. I have tried those summersalt bathing suits twice (the second thinking/hoping that maybe I just ordered the wrong size the first time around) and they do not work for my body. Just for reference, I am an 8/10/12 (depending on brand) with broad shoulders, biggish boobs, and narrow hips (basically your classic inverted triangle).

    Despite marketing some suits as being suitable for big boobs, I did not find them supportive enough for me. YMMV, of course. And I generally did not like the fit because it seemed designed for someone with a longer torso than I've got. So... that's my feedback on summersalt. I hope it works for you, though; they've got cute suits!

    1. Thanks! This is really helpful.

    2. I second the opinion that it lacks support for a large chest -- that style relies totally on compression, so there isn't even a shelf bra, and it really wasn't a good look on me. I was so sad because I snagged one of the Rifle Paper floral prints before it sold out.

      I thought it was funny that when I was entering my return, the top reason under Fit was "not enough bust support" -- so they are clearly tracking this!

  2. Those MIA clogs run narrow in the forefoot. So cute but so tight!

  3. I used to use Hollywood flawless filter but switched to Auric's Glow Lust and like it a lot better. It offers a touch more coverage (aka some instead of none)- it almost has a tinted moisturizer esk coverage. Also a tiny bit goes a long long way. I also like the shine better, it seems a smidge less glittery and more glowy. I do know Blair Eddie (Atlantic Pacific) swears by Flawless filter, so if you really like her look just go with that one.

  4. I just bought two midi dresses from BR Factory that are excellent. I definitely like the factory stuff better than what they have on the regular site.

  5. I read somewhere that Milani Soft Focus Glow is a great drugstore dupe for CT Hollywood Flawless Filter. So I bought the Milani and used it for a a while before deciding I don't really need that category of product in my life. I thought it worked pretty well though! I ended up buying Glossier Superdew instead, which is essentially Flawless Filter without the color/tint. It's like skin dew/glow that's completely sheer. I add a few drops of Superdew to my regular foundation and it works great without changing the color of the foundation.

    Lastly (wow many words about face dew, here), I've been using Ilia Skin Tint a lot lately which is dewy AF on its own and doesn't need added dew.

    Are people using Hollywood Flawless Filter on its own as a foundation? The Ilia fills that need for me. Or are people using it mostly as a primer or foundation mix-in? I like my Superdew for that.