Wednesday, July 30, 2014

BUY THIS: Banana Republic Gemma Wrap Dress

I've posted this one before but I think it bears repeating. There's a good sale right now on the BR Gemma wrap dress which I reviewed here*. The deal is this: Automatic 50% off certain items and 40% off the rest of your purchase with BRMORE (plus 2.0% back with eBates.) If you're buying an item with your BR/Gap card, try SILVERDAY for 15% off. I don't think they'll stack, but it'll work for the items that are 50% off.

I am solid.
This sale is a little confusing because some colors of the Gemma are 50% off, some are on sale (but not 50% off) so you can apply the 40% off code, and some are full price (so the 40% still applies.) Either way, it’s still a good deal for a really decent wrap dress in pretty colors and patterns.

* I am 5'5" with narrow shoulders and I take a petite in my normal dress size, just FYI.


  1. I love this dress. It's a great DVF alternative. I love my singular DVF but it's hard to justify another. I can buy 3-4 Gemmas at full price for the cost of a DVF and god knows I never pay full price for anything from BR! I just wish BR sold prints as fun and vibrant as DVF.

    I own the Gemma in turquoise and the diamond print. My only complaint is I wish the sleeves were 3/4 instead of full arm. For both of mine I waited for a 40% off sale that the Gemma wasn't excluded from. Sometimes some of them will be "online exclusive!" or "BR pick" just for the length of whatever promotion they are currently running that of course excludes items labeled as such. BR can be tricksy like that.

    1. Oh, the "BR Pick" thing makes me insane. Insane!

    2. I took my Gemma to a seamstress who created 3/4 length sleeves for me - can't stand anything covering my arm completely.

  2. I did! Bought the green one last night ...


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