Monday, July 21, 2014

Adrien: Ermahgerd. Pernts.

I'm not really sure why I grabbed this particular pair of pants to try on at J.Crew. I do like the olive drab color, but the giant utility pockets are generally not a good look on me and J.Crew pants in generally don't fit me at all. But hey, sometimes things happen:

They are the Skinny Washed Twill Utility Pant (so many words!) and they're really on sale right now (SALEFUN for 40% off, eBates yadda yadda) and I love my pair a lot. They're casual but not boring and I can just get away with wearing them to work. 

My blouse, which I've worn a few times already on the blog, is Olive & Oak. I can't find it online, but they make lots of cute tops. (I found mine at Marshalls.) My bag is a MBMJ Hillier Hobo and my shoes are Chie Mihara. I've been wearing them a lot lately! My pair is old, but I'm always looking at Chie for ridiculous-cute shoes

Here's an unnecessary close-up of my House of Harlow necklace. My exact color isn't online anymore but it does come in orange and blue

Here are the pants some more in case you just can't get enough:

Whee. Pants.


  1. Those pants are ridiculously flattering on you!

  2. Agree - those pants look amazing! And I love those Chies - I've been haunting ebay for awhile now but have never seen that style come up.

    1. Thanks! There is a pair right now on eBay but in a different color: