Monday, May 12, 2014

Adrien: Shorts! Weekend Outfits! Birthdays!

Hey folks! Today is Marianne's birthday and her daughter Lulu's birthday.  Happy birthday, Marianne and Lulu! 

So hey, I have a rare weekend outfit. I never remember to do this but I'm wearing my new Old Navy denim shorts which I love A LOT and wanted to document them. So, when I picked up Kate for lunch on Saturday I threw my phone at her and she obliged:

Kate and I had ventured over to ON a few weeks ago and I attempted to try on shorts, but they seemed to have every size but mine. I tried the Diva cut-offs in a size up and they were too big in the waist, so ended up ordering a pair of the Diva cut-offs and the Sweetheart denim shorts both in my normal size. The Diva were obscene. They were too short and a little tight and somehow made my backside look both flat and wide. No! The Sweetheart are great, though. A little loose, which I like, and the perfect length. I wore them all weekend. 

I'm wearing them with my Olive & Oak blouse (similar), Marc by Marc bag and my Lotta From Stockholm clog sandals. And, because Kate looked so cute I turned the camera on her because that's the way I am. Try and stop me:

She's wearing (I think?) this color blocked maxi from Target (another in a different colorway) and a cute little cropped cardigan from Old Navy. She's also wearing House of Harlow green scarab stud earrings (I want the necklace so badly!) but I neglected to get them in the shot. I did, however, manage to get a photo of her fantastic updo. I'm envious that my hair won't do anything like this. (She says it will but I don't believe her.)

That's it! I hope everyone had a nice weekend.


  1. I like the cut-offs. I get mine at the local Salvation Army or Savers. I just get the full length jeans for $3.99 then cut them myself - works great!

  2. Happy birthday Marianne and Lulu- hope it was a great one!
    I cut off a pair of my boyfriend jeans from Gap, and they've made some great shorts since last summer.