Monday, May 5, 2014

Marianne: Spring Wishlist (DID I BUY IT?)

Checking back on my Spring wishlist, I have done pretty well to stick to it. Here's a little update.

 1. A new trench.

DID I BUY IT? Nope. I didn't end up getting a new trench because I have not wanted to wear a jacket at all. I'm just...done. I think I'll move a trench to my fall wishlist instead, surely I'll be ready to wear a jacket again by then.

2. White jeans.

DID I BUY IT? Kind of. I bought some cropped white Pilcro jeans off of eBay and I like them a lot--the cut is predictably great and the denim is substantial. I wish they weren't crops, though. It has made them harder to wear during this cool spring we've had.

3. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses.

DID I BUY IT? Yes. I found pretty much the exact Cole Haan tortoiseshell sunglasses I linked to at TJMaxx for $20 and I love them. The lenses are super dark and they are really flattering on.

4. Work appropriate Spring dresses.

DID I BUY IT? Well not that one, but yes. I did buy a great spring dress, this Marc by Marc Jacobs number. I've only worn it once but temperatures are finally warming up! I could use a few more work appropriate warm weather dresses still.

5. Bensimon slip-ons.

DID I BUY IT? Nope. I can't decide what size Bensimons I'd wear (HATE when shoes don't come in half sizes) and I'm kind of hoping to get some for my birthday, so I haven't bought these. I've been wearing Chuck Taylors to the playground on the weekends, and they are fine.

6. Black sandals.

DID I BUY IT? Nope. Still haven't bought new black sandals either. I am going to try and get my Miz Mooz's repaired first, but they are pretty messed up. I kind of want another pair of clog sandals.

7. Shorts and new t-shirts.

DID I BUY IT? Nope. I still REALLY need shorts and t-shirts. I have literally one pair of shorts that fit right now, and they aren't even all that cute. I put on some old denim shorts and when I put my phone in my pocket they fell off! I might just get something inexpensive from the Gap or Old Navy for now.

Stay tuned for my summer wishlist later this week! I hope these don't bug you guys, they help me focus on what I actually need instead of what I just want.


  1. You should go to a thrift store and cut off a pair of Levis (men's 505s work for me). $5 pair of jean shorts. Bam.


    1. That's a great idea! Men's jeans are hard sometimes, but definitely worth a try.

  2. Love the sandals with the wood heel!


  3. I really want some shorts, but pregnancy did some unspeakable things to my thighs. I just don't think I can pull them off.

  4. Ha! I actually purchased the Bensimon sneakers and the Swedish Hasbeens Sky Highs. The Bensimons look TERRIBLE on me - I don't know why I thought I could pull off these flats with my extremely flat feet, when no other flats work EVER - now I need to try to sell on ebay or something. And the Swedish Hasbeens - those exact ones in light pink, got them for a steal on Amazon - those shoes are KILLING my feet. They are so cute and I know everyone says you have to break them in and once you do they will last for ever, but my goodness they are ripping my feet to shreds. I have been wearing them for an hour or two at a time; maybe by the end of the summer they will be broken in.

    1. Oh man, bummer on BOTH counts. I found my SH sandals shockingly comfortable, the leather is really stiff and I kept waiting for them to tear up my feet! I will say I nave super narrow feet and they are a touch wide on me, so maybe that is key?

  5. I am not a shorts person but I finally found GREAT shorts! First, I'm not wearing those teeny tiny ones because who needs to see that and yet bermudas make my legs look like tree stumps (the chunky kind not the willowy kind). So I tried the JCrew outlet ones in 7" - hello perfect length and lots of colors! I got navy and coral to start but now will be buying more! Extra30 makes them $24.15 right now - sold!


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