Thursday, May 1, 2014

Adrien: Summer Wish List.

I already did a spring wish list, but now with a new budget plan of which to be mindful (and a hard look at what I already have in my closet) I've come up with a new list.

First of all, I don't need any damn t-shirts. I have a MOUNTAIN of t-shirts, you guys. How did this even happen? I must have 10 black t-shirts and at least eight of my favorite Old Navy vintage tee. Not to mention the two Everlane v-necks I just bought. I'm goooood on t-shirts.

Also, I recently got a great deal on eBay on a pair of the TOMS wedges I'd been considering (not the snakeskin pair, metallic linen instead) so that's off the list as well. Here's my amended wish list for summer:

Denim Shorts
Old Navy Sweetheart Denim Shorts
Yeah, shut up, I want some jorts. I have regular twill shorts but I want something a bit more fun and casual. I love my jeans but it's too hot to wear them in the summer months and this would be a fun addition to my weekend wardrobe.

Yellow Clog Sandals

Lotta from Stockholm Peep Toe Clog
This is definitely more of a want than a need but I love my black pair SO much that it would be great to have another pair in a fun bright color. I don't know if these will actually happen, but maybe!

Aviator Sunglasses

I have a pair of MBMJ aviators that I have worn constantly for the past year. I have definitely gotten my money's worth! They're starting to look a little beat up, though, so I'd love a new pair. This might end up being an eBay purchase, but these also really appeal.

Small Necklace

House of Harlow mini sunburst
I said on my spring list that I wanted another big pendant necklace, but I've realized what I actually lack is a smaller, more delicate necklace to break me out of my locket rut. Something like this would be perfect. I actually bought this one on sale a few months ago but returned it because the clasp kept moving around to the front and making me insane.

Here's what's staying from my spring list. 

Magic Dress
Old Navy Shift Dress
I did a whole entry about this recently, so I won't go into detail.

Fun print blouses
LOFT embroidered neck peasant blouse
I'd still love a few more washable print blouses to wear with shorts and skirts as a dressier alternative to t-shirts. This one is so cute!


  1. Are jorts not okay? Nobody sent me the memo - I love jean shorts and wear them all summer. I actually wanted to get another pair. The linen shorts get all wrinkly on me. Also really love that last blouse!

    1. Jorts are totally okay! I just feel like they got a bad rap for a while there.

    2. If people just didn't insist on calling them "jorts" they would be perfectly fine.

    3. Haaaa. JORTS. Yeah, no, that's awful. Really, jorts are what middle age men wear with a t-shirt tucked in and big white sneakers.