Thursday, May 22, 2014

Banana Republic Does Marimekko. A Review of sorts.

A: Banana Republic and…Marimekko. Go.

M: Ack. ACK.

A: Right?

M: I like exactly one thing.

A: The shift dress?

M: No! The maxi. I wouldn't wear it but I like it. I would not spend money on any of it and that makes me happy/sad. You?

I'm reasonably cute.

A: I like the shift dress. The maxi is cute but I'm not a maxi girl.

Power pockets! 

M: That shift dress looks good on the model but wide horizontal stripes plus what is basically a kangaroo pouch? #NOPE

A: Pouch? What? Hold pls.

A: You mean the pockets? Yeah, no to pockets.

M: TERRIBLE pocket placement.

A: This one says, "My governess made my play clothes out of drapes!"

Austrian Play Suit

A: Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti NO.

M: Overall I find it a DISAPPOINTMENT.

A: Yeah, I like some of the prints, but for, like, PILLOWS.

M: Riiiiight. I mean why not something like an actual Marimekko dress?

A: Well, that would just make logical sense, Marianne.

M: Banana Republic chaps my ass.

A: I haven't forgiven them for the mess they made of the Issa collection.


A: Jerks.


  1. Holy... I like absolutely NONE of it. Not even an "actual Marimekko dress." In fact, I'm afraid this may cause seizures.

  2. Agreed, this is awful despite my initial hopes. I like the shift dress on the model, as you say, but on me... unlikely.

    (And yes, the Issa collection! Awful! The draping was all somehow bulky and badly placed, blech.)

  3. Guys, I am concerned. I think I might ... actually like that print. Like, I would never, ever ever wear those short - but the top? Yeah, I'd go there.

    OMG, what I wrong with me?! Quick, I need a picture of a cute guy to re-set.

    1. It's okay! I love a crazy print too but that one is just...beyond. I think it's because they paired the shorts and top together.

      Cute boys are a-coming!


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