Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tutorial: How to Remove the Tag From Your TOMS.

You know that hang tag that comes on a Coach bag? It's the first thing I remove after I cut the price tags. The huge blingy metal tag on a Michael Kors bag? Same thing. I just hate feeling like a walking advertisement for the things I buy, which is why when I bought my TOMS wedges, the ugly blue labels on the back had to go. HAD. TO. GO.

I talked about it a bit here and there was some concern in the comments that an X-Acto knife would be too dangerous. To that I say: I went to art school! I know my way around a tiny, lethally sharp knife and have the scars to prove it. A seam-ripper would also work, but I really wanted to slice through the stitching rather than rip them out and potentially damage the material underneath. There was also concern that the labels might be glued down, but thankfully they were not. So, here's what I did:

Step 1: You need a TOMS shoe and a super-sharp little pointy knife tool. Check.

Step 2: Start cutting the individual stitches carefully with the pointy point of your sharp knife tool. 

Step 3: Get impatient and start tugging on the label to loosen up the stitching.

Step 4: Sit back and appreciate that you've completely removed the stupid label. Ponder how to deal with the aftermath. Grab some tweezers and get to plucking. (Not shown.)

Step 5: Admire your clean-plucked and label-free TOMS shoe! Worry that TOMS will send you a cease-and-desist. 

I know,  you could have figured this out all on your own but I already took the photos so I figured I'd go ahead and post them. It's so easy! Get to it, kids. It's like a fun craft project only not really fun or crafty!


  1. Looks good! For what it's worth, a seam ripper has a cutter-edge on the inside hook, which will get you the exact same results--no tugging necessary--as your Exacto knife. Maybe even easier, since the hook is made to nestle under stitches.

    1. Oh dang, I had no idea! I stand corrected. And now I want a seam ripper.

  2. Thank you for this! And just send that cease and desist my way (says an aggressive lawyer with too much time on her hands). I got your back! ;-)

  3. Love it! So many times I've avoided Toms because of that ridic labeling! I never thought to remove it! Fantastic!

  4. Mission accomplished! Thank you for sharing this!


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