Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Adrien: All My Favorites.

This was an outfit I wore last week and it is basically All The Things that I currently love and a few old favorites. I'm wearing my awesome fan print Issa London dress that Marianne found for me in a consignment store a few years back. Issa London is all about lady-shape and great patterns, which I love. They're expensive but you can also get great deals on eBay.

My sandals are by Miz Mooz, an older style, but they're still making lots of cute green sandals! I love mine and I'm afraid this might be their last summer. Of course I have to ruin it all with a cardigan:

Wow, that just looks awful but I get cold! Too bad. I did buy the House of Harlow necklace I recently posted about because Piperlime was practically giving it away. I got the dark red pave version, but I love the cobalt blue.

Are you sick of my new MBMJ bag (on sale!) yet? TOO BAD. TRUE LOVE. 

Color! Spring! All The Things! I wish I had yellow sandals to wear with this...


  1. Dang girl that dress is all kinds of amazing on you!

    1. It's a magical boob-creating dress. I don't even know how to explain it.

  2. I love this dress. I followed your link to eBay at 3am when I couldn't sleep and ended up spending 2 hours looking at thousands of other dresses. No dress purchased, but I did lay down $50 in cheap electronic accessories...

  3. Those sandals continue to be AMAZING.

    Have you considered cropped cardigans? I am, like you, an outfit "ruiner" (cold!) but cropped cardigans seem to do less figure damage. The ones at Boden are real workhorses, but Old Navy usually puts some out every summer and they are all perfect for a freezing office, where you're not trading warmth for schlump.