Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Marianne: Stripes and Tassels.

I forgot to reset my camera today and the settings are weird and these pictures look strange. But hey, lookie there! A baby!
Stripes have reached critical mass in popularity, don't you think? And yet, don't CURRRRR. I love stripes and I am so happy to be wearing my favorite old French Connection striped t-shirt dress. It's held up so well! The elbow-length sleeves are my favorite (this one is really cute too). I'm wearing it with red Swedish Hasbeens, but Adrien has this Lotta of Stockholm pair and they are identical and a lot less money (though you can find Swedish Hasbeens on sale, like I did).
Monday was my birthday and my sister-in-law gave me this anthropologie tassel swing necklace and I just love it. It's suede with tassels and gold and it reminds me of the ocean.
Speaking of birthdays, Adrien gave me Dior Addict Lip Glow and man. I almost didn't want to love it but you see my lips up there? They are the perfectly perfect glossy pink. It's witchcraft, this stuff.


  1. Info on the bag, please? Love it!

    1. Hey Francie! I've had it for a few years, the designer is Su-Shi (, it's one of my favorite things.

    2. So we should all find one under our chairs?

    3. If I ever get as rich as Oprah I will buy you all Su-Shi Old Skool Mini's.

    4. Except for me. I still have to sleep in the dog house with the ticks when I visit.


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