Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Adrien: Spring Wish List.

I thought I did pretty well with my fall wish list. Creating it helped me to focus on what I really needed, rather than buying whatever shiny thing crossed my path. So, with the hopes of keeping that focus for spring, here is my wishlist:

Non-boring wedge sandals.

Toms Serpentine wedge

I found the Toms snakeskin wedges when I was searching for sandal ideas and I can't stop thinking about them. They aren't the *most* versatile sandal but I love them and they'd be just the thing to wear with a really simple dress.  Last year's wedge sandals were a fun purchase, but they're so tall I was always worried I'd bust my ass. This year I'm going for a more wearable height! I'll also admit that Toms has been producing quite a few cute sandals. Worth keeping in mind for summer.

Red cropped pants.

BR Hampton Fit crop

Maybe you're noticing a theme here from the Weekend Window Shopping posts, but Marianne and I have both been a little obsessed with red pants lately - she wants jeans, I want crops. I recently tried on the Old Navy Pixie pants (cheap and weird!), Boden's Bistro crop (odd fit), and Banana Republic's Hampton-Fit crop. The BR pair fit the best, so those might be what I go with.

Fun print blouses.

Anthropologie Mahdia Top
I definitely depend too much on t-shirts and a washable peasant-style blouse with a fun print is just as easy and looks a lot more put-together. I recently bought this one but I'd also like a few more. Something like the one above from Anthro and I LOVE this one. I already bought Marianne's Kaveri Henley but I haven't decided if I'm keeping it. (I think it looks way cuter on her.)

Really great t-shirts.

Everlane V
Despite what I just said, I do actually wear t-shirts a lot and there's no point in thinking I'm going to stop completely. That said, I would like to upgrade from my usual Old Navy favorite to something more enduring. Everlane has really interesting shapes and at $15 a pop for a made in the USA item? Worth checking out.

A new Magic Dress.

Old Navy tank dress
Every year I search for my Magic Dress. In years past it's come from Target, Loft, and American Eagle. It needs to be simple, flattering and washable. This one looks like it might have MD potential. Or maybe this one?

Big Pendant Necklace.

Hey, you know that brass locket I wear all the time? Like, ALL THE TIME? I feel like I need to give it a break and find a new pendant to over-wear. I'm thinking about a big silver key and I really like this one on Etsy. I might also finally buy that House of Harlow pendant I've wanted for a million years.

Yay for spring! What are you guys thinking about buying?


  1. All of this! Yes!
    I can't get enough graphic black/white (with a bit of color) right now. Going on 3 weeks in a row now of wearing nothing but. The silky crepe tops are so great - just as easy as a tee but they wash so nicely and never pill!

  2. You'll have to do a follow up post one what you think of the Everlane t-shirt. I've been interested in getting something from them for a few months now but have yet to pull the trigger.


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