Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Adrien: Spring-y.

I have kind of given up on waiting for it to be warm and am wearing my spring stuff anyway because, show of hands, who wants to burn their winter coat on a pyre? Meeeee! I'm basically freezing in these photos, but I don't care. This is a pretty basic go-to look for me, skinny jeans, floaty top, cardigan, cute shoes:

The top is an old one from Ann Taylor and, like this one, it's just the easiest thing to wear. I'm hoping to find more like it and have my eye on this one because I love the print. Also, I recently bought one that looks just like this but can't decide if I can pull it off or not. Hmm.

My shoes are ancient Chie Mihara but these are available and amazing. (If budget doesn't allow for CM this is the cutest inexpensive pair of red mary janes I've seen in a while.) My jeans are James Jean Couture Skinny and they've been getting a lot of wear this past winter. (I reviewed them here if you care.) They keep their shape better than any pair of skinny jeans I've ever owned, and that is high praise.  

My bag is Andrea Brueckner, or as I like to call it, my Poor Girl's Bayswater. Brueckner bags aren't available anymore, but occasionally one pops up on eBay. This one is beautiful and a good price! Go git it. 

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