Thursday, March 13, 2014

Marianne: Under where?

Even though it makes Adrien uncomfortable, I wanted to write a quickie post sharing two, uh, foundation garments that have been TOTAL GAME CHANGERS for me. First up, the camisole to end all camisoles, the Reversible Seamless Tank from anthropologie:

Why you need it: duh, it's two camisoles in one. V-neck on one side, scoop neck on the other, the straps are wide enough to cover your bra straps and it's a nice smoothing material without being constrictive. I bought one to go under this top and find myself washing it every other day, so yeah. I'll be buying some more.

Next up, some cute and cheap drawers, Gilligan & O'Malley Mesh Lace Trim Hipsters god the longest underwear name everrrrrr. But! These are REALLY good, they stay put, don't cause VPL, are cute, and less than $3 a pair right now. Don't you think it's time to clean out the old underwear drawer, hmmmmm? Go:

Okay, I'll stop talking about my underwear. For now.


  1. That camisole is pure genius! Can you yank it down easily enough to nurse?

    1. Mollee, YES! And so far the neckline is holding up perfectly to the abuse.


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