Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Blog Uncoupling.


A: Awww. That makes me a little sad.

M: I know. But of course she put it on Goop.

A: I have issues with that.

M: "Conscious uncoupling"

M: Unrelated, this Glamoflauge business might be legit.

A: Ew? On the first. Ohhh? On the second.

M: I mean, I just put some on my hand but you can't see the blue vein underneath. And I used a teeny bit.

M: This is my "not bad, eh?" face.

A: Your EYELASHES. Dang, girl.

A: Did I miss a serious opportunity in not announcing my divorce on the blog? Is that what people are doing these days?

M: I'm disappointed that you didn't hold a press conference. You could have worn something somber but fierce.

A: I just ask that you all give me my privacy during this difficult time. And send me concealer recs.

M: Which brings me back to Glamoflaugewhich you should buy immediately.

A: It's at...Walmart.

M: I ordered it from Amazon because I will pay more to not have to get in my car and drive to Walmart.

A: Walmart is like the machine from The Princess Bride. It sucks life-years out of me.

M: I mean it's a lot cheaper at Walmart but not worth the year off my life.

A: Exactly. I really want to give Benefit's Erase Paste another shot.

M: I also ordered some NYX concealer because it was like $4, but it's way too dark.

A: NYX is at Target now! I like the brow pencil thingy.

M: They make my current favorite eye primer, which thanks to you I now put UNDER my eye and wow, what a difference.

A: I told you to do that?

M: Didn't you? Am I giving you undue credit? Because it keeps the concealer on and reduces creasing.

A: That wasn't me, but I'm sure I've given you lots of amazing advice about other things.

A: Like, LOTS.

A: Hello?


  1. Glamoflauge is basically amazing. I second it!

  2. I am totally going to have to try the primer under my eyes trick b/c these lines under my eyes are sucking the life out of me. It's either this or just stop looking in the mirror altogether.

  3. 'it's a lot cheaper at Walmart but not worth the year off my life." THAT is pretty much my philosophy of all products.

  4. totally unrelated to primer, but please tell me you've seen this!:

  5. I feel the same way about Walmart.

    And putting concealer under my eyes scares me. I always think it emphasizes my wrinkles. Perhaps I need a cleanse?

  6. Have you seen this video yet? Wayne basically advocates for applying several layers of product to prevent creasing.

    1. Nice, thank you! Makes me feel better about wearing two concealers at once...