Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boden Review: Leila Ponte Dress & Stripy Sweatshirt.

So, hey! I ordered some stuff from Boden (with a code! Always wait for a code. Also, 2.5% back on eBates. Always use eBates. That's my referral link.) and it came and I tried it on and didn't take pictures because why would anyone want pictures for a review? Ugh. I am the worst. Anyway, I will tell you about these things and you can decide for yourself.

First, I ordered the Leila Ponte Dress:

I'm just okay.
I got the navy because it seemed like a good basic to pair with my crazier print scarves or leopard print accessories. I ordered my usual size and it fit me perfectly. And then I put it back in the bag and sent it right back to them. Why, Adrien?? Why would you do that? Here's the thing: the dress was okay, it fit, the quality was good. But! It didn't look anything like a $100+ dress. No way, no how. If it had been $40 at Ross I would've bought it in a heartbeat but I'm not spending $100+ on a dress that's just okay. I think the trick with this one is to buy it in a fun color or stripe, not the boring navy basic.

Moving on, I also bought the Stripy Sweatshirt because I have A Problem.

Buy me! I striped.
You guys. I cannot not order the striped top. And Boden has LOTS OF THEM. This one seemed like a good in-between-weather top, something I can wear in the springtime without freezing my ass off. It fits fine (I got a small but almost wish I'd sized up) and is really comfortable. Just exactly what you want a striped sweatshirt to be. And hey! I just remembered that I'm wearing it in this photo:

See? I totally took pictures and stuff. I'm the best.


  1. I have the Lelia Boden ponte dress in pedestrian-safety ORANGE and it rules.

    1. Yay! I'm glad you got the orange - you look amazing in bright colors.

  2. I think I have the same problem: the striped top problem. Except my disorder is so bad that I dress all three of my children in striped breton tops, too. Mental.