Friday, March 14, 2014

The More You Know.

A: Did you know Seth Meyers has a super hot brother? And they are on a travel show together?

M: I did NOT!

A: They are in Amsterdam and I love them.

M: He's very attractive.

A: Blog Worthy.

M: Show me more.

A: Here:

A: But there's also this:

M: Oh no no don't ruin it! I was just about to say he has an amazing head of hair.

A: It's extraordinary:

M: And his eyes! Yes, he will do nicely.

A: They are both really funny and charming on the travel show. I just want to, like, snuggle up between them. Maybe spoon a little?

A: I mean, this is ridiculous:

M: I don't know about spooning but I would very much like to maybe drink beer on a boat with both of them.


M: They are just SO CUTE!

A: Yay! Happy adorable Friday.

M: I don't have anything else to add, I'm just watching that GIF over and over.


  1. Seth has been on my laminated list for years! I'd like to be the middle of a Meyers sandwich, please and thank you!

  2. Josh Meyers was on MADtv for years, back when that was a thing. Seth on one sketch show, Josh on was So very, very yum. You have made my Friday.

  3. I guess poor Seth had to be the funny one.

  4. Awesome pic of the both. I will spoon when Adrien is done.

  5. Indeed...adorable. Hmmm.
    So wait, guys- can we go back to the various discussions about cradle-robbing etc pertaining to that kid-who-grew-up-into-a-hot-guy...(I'm searching) ah yes: that boy on (sorry, I'm not from the states really) who was on 3rd rock from the sun or whatever it was called? (I'm confusing something with 30-Rock, aren't I?) Because I'm having my moment here with this one- is it just me? I was blinded by the smile of some simply adorable lad on Bones when I was zapping through channels. I don't watch Bones. Or-cough- didn't. So blinded by the smile and also thinking "Wait- who IS that guy?? He looks so familiar...?" And then it hit me. Especially after I googled him. I'm still stunned. I watched that show when it came out. Damn, I'd be smiling like that too if I turned out like that. OK, happy Guy Friday, guys :)

  6. oh: John Francis Daley. From Freaks and Geeks.

  7. I have always had an insane crush on Seth Meyers! And now you tell me there are two of them?! And he is hot?! And I love travel shows?!

    Must research this immediately!