Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Marianne: Lacona Popover Review and Stuff. now it should be pretty evident that I went on a little patterned blouse shopping spree at anthropologie, which is probably unwise but I needed cute tops for a work thing and I had a weak moment. The good news is, I really love everything I bought. The bad news is, I now want a bunch more stuff, but more on that later.
This is the Lacona Popover, made by Tiny. It is not something I would normally gravitate towards, but let me tell you: this is cut SO WELL if you are at all curvy. It skims over everything and makes you look lean, plus the fabric is silky and it's such a pretty floral pattern. The back is really cute as well.
Today I'm wearing this cute top with these 1969 Zipper Legging Skimmer Jeans from the Gap. I loved my red jeans SO much that I thought I'd try these as well. They are a little different, slightly shorter and the rise is a touch lower, so I don't love them as much, but they are pretty cute for spring. The zipper pockets are a nice touch and I like to leave the bottom zippers undone to make the leg a little straighter.
Here's a closer look at my new top. The only problem with this brand is I LOVE EVERYTHING. Seriously, I bought and returned the Leila Tee only because I had already overspent, but I'm still thinking about it. I'm also currently obsessed with the Zambi Popover and the Gathered Vines Tunic. I might have to ask for all of it for my birthday or something. If you are built at all like me, I highly recommend trying this brand out.


  1. You are one of my style spirit animals. I wish these tops weren't sold out in my size!

  2. This is my fav outfit on you ever. I also need this top!

  3. Looks gorgeous and fits you splendidly! this print is really unique (even among Tiny lovelies). I have the tonnerre grey top but this one is really tempting!

  4. That top is pretty amazing. Tiny brand tops are always so soft. That's how they suck you in to overspend. Damn their great quality.


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