Friday, March 21, 2014

Our Big Break.

A: We need a cute boy.

M: I vote the guy in Divergent. Saw him on Go Fug Yourself and he's appealing.

A: This guy? I feel nothing:

M: He's like Two Face. Sometimes I see potential:

M: Sometimes a LOT of potential:

A: Oh, HI. I just felt something. He maybe just needs a few more years on his face.

A: And is it me or does he look like Harry Connick Jr here:

M: Yes and YES. There's some seriously good bone structure.

A: Well, and Harry is looking GOOD these days.

A: (Hi! I am an old person.)

M: Let's cast them as dashing Father-Son bank robbers!

A: I love it! A caper with Junior and Third!

M: I don't know what that means but okay!

A: Harry is a Junior know what? It doesn't matter. Our movie is going to be amazing.

M: Guess who is playing the part of stern detective?


M: Hollywood, call us!

A: We're waiting!


  1. I believe he was also the Turkish diplomat with whom Lady Mary had Relations in Downton Abbey, if that helps...

    1. MR. PAMUK! We clearly did not do our research on this one.

    2. He is Mr. Pamuk and frankly I never saw the appeal then, but in certain lights, with a little scruff....well, I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers, but I WOULD kick him out of bed if he were dead.

    3. Lol, so rare for that line to be pertinent.

    4. Nice one Marion! And yes, I thought that photo of him WAS Harry Connick, and yes Harry does still look good. He might be the only thing that makes having to watch American Idol bearable...

  2. i am officially tossing Jason Bateman in the ring for doing as of late (just saw him on Ellen -clip on youtube). I am not sure what it is about him - but I want a little bit

  3. Oh good lord, I'd watch THAT movie. Yes indeedy.