Monday, March 10, 2014

Adrien: I Have A Problem.

***New stuff for sale in the shop! Bags and shoes and jeans! Whee!***

I've talked about my Striped Top Problem more than once lately and yet? It continues. I found this adorable Stripezip tee on the Anthropologie sale rack last week and it was mine before I even knew what had happened. Yay, Anthro, you got it right! Except for this!

Anyway, what's one more?

This top definitely can be filed under "simple with interesting details" which is what I want everything to be. It is comfortable and falls nicely with a loose fit that's tempered by the zipper detail on the front. Just the thing to wear with those pants that are slightly too tight in the waist because you spent the long winter crying and eating cookies. Whee. 

I'm wearing it with my purple-blue Madewell sidewalk skimmers (these blue Frye flats would also be perfect in this capacity) and my beloved red LV epi Speedy. (This red Fossil bag is what you should buy, like, right now if you don't already have a red bag. Dooo eeet.)

 Details! My bracelet is Giles & Brother and I love it. My necklace is by InfinEight on Etsy.

Spring is just around the corner, right?  I totally ignored the filthy sad pile of melting snow behind me.


  1. Beautiful details! What snow pile? That tiny smidgeon of snow is nothing compared to our piles which. Will. Not. Melt.

  2. I do not have a striped shirt addiction ( zero striped shirts- the horror ! ) and even I think this shirt is fabulous! Love that the bag is contrasting.


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