Friday, February 7, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: Striped Shirts!

You know what? Screw winter. I want to buy ALL THE STRIPED SHIRTS and cavort around and pretend it's spring. And that I live in Paris. And I have a pug named Tater. Maybe just the striped shirts? There are so many good ones right now! And also a few that should be filed under, "Why my Anthro ass up a cute top?" Hmph. I like these:

Boden at ShopStyle
Boden Stripy Sweatshirt

Boden at ShopStyle
Boden Short Sleeve Breton

Madewell at ShopStyle
Madewell linen infield tee in stripe

Madewell at ShopStyle
Madewell skargorn™ #61 tee in stripe

Anthropologie at ShopStyle
Anthropologie Genoa Striped Top

Old Navy at ShopStyle
Old Navy Women's Striped 3/4-Sleeve Tees

J.Crew at ShopStyle
J.Crew Stripe Necklace Shell

jcpenney at ShopStyle
jcp Striped Long-Sleeve Boatneck Tee


  1. Man, I have been lusting after striped tops too! I just bought the Darcy Swing Tunic in blue from Anthropologie and I am in love ( Makes me feel tres chic and it skims over my winter tummy nicely, even though I sized down.

  2. I have a pair of red jeans and I love them. They are AG Stevie jeans which are basically the most awesome and most forgiving skinnies ever produced by man. I think I have them in at least 5 colors/washes.