Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Buy This (So We Don't Have To): Kate Spade! IT'S A SEE-CRUD.

There's a secret sale going on at Kate Spade right now with some really good mark-downs (plus 3.5% back on eBates.) I'm not sure what makes it secret but who am I to question a good sale?

Marianne likes this:

Allen Street Raquelle

And I like this:

Della Dress

And we both think this is basically the best:

Gold Cobble

And OMG this:

Say Yes Pardon My French Necklace

Argh! Just go do it.


  1. Do you guys remember how much the Pardon My French necklace was retailing for? It seems sold out and I WANT IT! So I'm looking at ebay but don't want to get hosed. Do we think $90 is unreasonable?

    1. I think the retail price was around $78? I haven't seen it in person but I'd definitely not pay more than retail.