Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Buy This (So We Don't Have To): Kate Spade! IT'S A SEE-CRUD.

There's a secret sale going on at Kate Spade right now with some really good mark-downs (plus 3.5% back on eBates.) I'm not sure what makes it secret but who am I to question a good sale?

Marianne likes this:

Allen Street Raquelle

And I like this:

Della Dress

And we both think this is basically the best:

Gold Cobble

And OMG this:

Say Yes Pardon My French Necklace

Argh! Just go do it.


  1. I love that swear necklace. So funny!

  2. Do you guys remember how much the Pardon My French necklace was retailing for? It seems sold out and I WANT IT! So I'm looking at ebay but don't want to get hosed. Do we think $90 is unreasonable?

    1. I think the retail price was around $78? I haven't seen it in person but I'd definitely not pay more than retail.