Monday, February 3, 2014

Adrien: Some Beauty Reviews.

It's Monday, it's pouring rain. I am home sick. That kind of day. Obviously not going to post an outfit so maybe I'll tell you about a few products I've been liking lately?

First, I read this review on The Beauty Boomer's blog and I bought that Sanctuary Spa Therapist's Secret Facial Oil so fast I'd barely finished reading before I hit the "buy" button. And it's so good! My skin is so much happier and doesn't feel all dry and tight halfway though the day and I have a bit of a glow. I put a few drops on under my regular moisturizer morning and night and it's working out just fine.

It's a see-crud
It smells really good too. I bought mine through QVC and got 2.5% back with eBates. (My referral link. eBates is the best! Dewit.) I've also been using DHC cleansing oil which is totally fine but I think I could just be using olive oil and getting the exact same effect. Maybe not. I don't know. I do like some oil, though.

While out this weekend on the search for new shampoo (and a quick thank you to all of you who chimed in on that. I'm even more confused now but I appreciate all the advice. You guys are the best.) I finally bought the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Desperation because I wanted a non-shimmery grey eye pencil:

This one is really good - a purpley grey and not too dark. So far, it's perfect and exactly the thing for brown eyes. (Also, don't tell Marianne but it goes great with the Shu Uemura eye shadow I've had for more than five years.)

One product that I got ages ago and recently re-discovered is Benefit Watt's Up.

Derpy name aside, it's a really good, not-too-crazyballs highlighter and I've been using it under my brow and in the corners of my eyes. It's creamy and subtle and lasts forever. I suspect their are cheaper dupes that work just as well, but I got this free with a purchase last year and I like it just fine.

Also, a couple of quick updates:

Gimme Brow. I give up. I GIVE UP. I'm back to my powder and every one's happy.

Beauty Blender sponge. I like it a lot better now than when I started using it but it's already starting to break down a little around the middle and I am kind of pissed about it. Booooo.


  1. sorry bout the gimme brow-I hear Chanel has a new brow set that is wonderful...does that help? my beauty blender started doing that too-I switched to washing it with baby shampoo and it stopped. Finally, have you ever been to aveda ? I'm on a difficult keyboard so I can't get into it but you Must -let them look at your hair and try a few things you will probably be forever thankful. as you guys say :dewit.��

    1. The salon I go to is an Aveda salon but I haven't been blown away by what I've tried. Any recs?

  2. I've been using oils for yonks! And Sanctuary one is lovely (I stock up when in UK, in Boots they have these 2+1 promos so, you know :) Also their body butter is great as is the body lotion (although maybe not apply after shaving your legs, it has ginger in it and it sorta heats up, so yeah better not :)

    Also tried Decleor (Rose and Neroli) - both lovely and last ages, however me thinks these are pricey since there are so many affordable alternatives now.

    If you have dry skin rosehip is also good, but the smell takes getting used to (at least for me). Tried Trilogy and Melvita (they have a UK store that ships to US for what it is worth,8,1,1093,79304.htm) The bottle is 50 mls so it does last longer.

    Over the last year I started using Superfacialist (again got this in Boots during one of their promos). Really nice range and her oils are supposed to be cleansing oils, but I use it the same way you use Sanctuary - slap it on, do the moisturizer and Bob's your uncle :)

    I have started with Eluage (it has retinol in it) about 5 months ago? I have sensitive and dry skin so started off slowly, every other night... this in combination with the oils and Superfacialist night cream seems to work. For what it is worth, this is first winter I haven't had one dry patch and didn't have to resort to my old stand by - baby bottom cream :)

    But again, there are so many oil options available now, you can get a selection of them from one of them hippy dippy stores :) and mix and match until you find a right combination for your skin.

    Also - what she said about Aveda :)


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