Monday, February 10, 2014


A: Is it too early for us to do our spring wish lists?

M: I don't think it's too early. I mean it's nearly mid-February and stuff is in the stores.

A: I hate everything in my closet. Also, I met a friend for brunch yesterday and realized halfway through that I was wearing my sweater inside out. I should totally start a style blog.

M: I am kind of baffled by clothes lately. I should start a style blog too.

M: Sometimes I want red jeans but I don't know if my can would support them.

A: I firmly believe you can pull off red jeans.

M: They seem so chic! With a linen t-shirt that I just bought this second because $18!

Factory linen baseball tee

A: Oh, I love that! I would wear red jeans with these Boden leopard wedges:

Boden Valencia Wedge

A: Which I am pretty sure will have to be mine. It's ridiculous that they aren't already.

M: Check your closet, are you sure you don't have those? It seems impossible.

A: I KNOW RIGHT? I actually had to think about it.

M: I particularly like how these are a bit faded and one sale:

James Jean Twiggy

A: Hmm, those look orange to me. I think you should go for something like this:

Hudson Mid-Rise Skinny

M: I like those Hudson jeans but I can't commit that much money to red jeans until I know I will love them. These are $24! There is no way they are good, right?

A: Ohhhhh, I like those! They might be great, you can never tell.

M: Oops I also ordered this because my friend Christina has it and it's GORGEOUS and like $10:

Crystal Sunburst Cuff

A: Sparkly! Perf. I did just order this dress:

Boden Leila Ponte Dress

A: It's basic enough that I can wear it with my crazier accessories. I'm on a Boden kick. Is it too Von Trapp?

M: It's a little bit Frauline Maria but not in a bad way. I think it's really sweet! Screw it, I'll try these criminally cheap Gap jeans since they just sent me a 30% off code. Worth a stab, anyway:

Gap 1969 Legging Skimmer Jeans

A: There you go! Those are really cute. I will pray for you. I also bought this striped top because I have A Problem:

Boden Stripy Sweatshirt



M: I'm glad I don't have any regular jeans that fit right but I'll have red jeans, by golly.

A: I absolutely do not see the problem there. Also, I don't plan to purchase this but it made me LOL:

MBMJ Jet Set Pets clutch

M: HA. I love it. Stop the presses, these are so sexy.

A: What is wrong with you?

M: What? Totally flattering awesome pants. With NO FUPA, I'm sure.


Marc by Marc Jacobs Globetrotter Mini Satchel bright royal

M: Adrien, why are your torturing yourself?

A: *sniffle*

M: Poor Baby. One more thing I need for my kicky red pants outfit is a new trench. My Banana Republic one doesn't fit me quite right any more. But damn it, why does every coat I like cost one million American dollars?

Burberry Leather Trench

A: Uggghhhhh. That is so perfect. I need a cookie.

M: Me too. I guess this one is pretty good. Sigh.

A: Meh.

M: Wah

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