Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Marianne: Two Out of Three Ain't Bad (+ Joes Jeans Review!)

Siiiigh.I really wanted these jeans to be the one. And they are so close! I bit the bullet and ordered these Joes Jeans "The Skinny" Stretch Jean in Aria and I was SURE they were perfect. Nice dark wash, the reviews said they were long and substantial, and a great price. But sadly they are not great on me. Don't get me wrong, they aren't bad, but they are very tight, yet manage to scoot down my butt, plus the rise is a touch low in the back (I cannot STAND worrying about this). 
They are comfortable, when I'm not hitching them up, but I don't think they are entirely flattering on me either (they...do not look good from the back). I tried them on for this picture but I am 99% sure I'm sending them back. Whomp whomp.

In happier news, I bought this Pim + Larkin sweater when Piperlime was having that major sale, mostly to try and console myself because I'm never going to get the dream version of it. But hey! It's super cozy and warm and I have worn it for three days in a row. It's very thick but manages to not be totally unflattering (I hope). It's long sold out, but this one looks kind of similar (and this Pim + Larkin sweater is cute too).
Lastly, BOOOOOOOOTS. I've been coveting Adrien's Loeffler Randall Matilde boots, and since I wear my cognac Frye Melissa Button Boots ALL the time, I've been wanting another dressier pair of flat cognac boots. I got these on eBay for a song (seriously, don't be afraid to offer half of the asking price, sometimes it works!), and I adore them. The color is perfect and the wedge offers just enough of a heel. True love. (These are half off if you are quick! But I recommend a reputable eBay seller as well.)

So that's two wins and one loss on the shopping front these days. Not so bad.


  1. I have the same issue with Joe's Jeans, they look good in the fitting room and then they keep riding down and aren't flattering from the back. And those BOOOOOOTS! So amazing, so perfect, love them!