Friday, February 14, 2014

Weekend Window Shopping: Be My Black Valentine.

I'm boycotting, y'all. And, as often happens, I'm feeling the urge to buy myself things to make up for it. Things that are neither red nor pink. Things like...

A spring-weight version of my favorite black long-sleeved Road Holland bike jersey:

the Delft

It's seriously cool, right? They do it right over there. And this curvy black compact makes me pretty happy. I don't even need powder, I just like the packaging. Totally legit:

Illamasqua pressed powder

These black coated skinny jeans which are on sale at Madewell:

Madwell skinny skinny coated jeans
(an extra 30% off with code XOXO and 3% back with eBates.) (That's my referral link. XO.)

And this, not because I'd really wear it but because it made me laugh:

F21 Standout Nope Muscle Tee

And okay, fine. These have a red heart but they're otherwise pretty badass:

Comme Des Garçons Play heart print pilmsole 

This bracelet is perfect because, like me, it's sweet but also not:

Kate Spade New York Locked In Leather Bow Bracelet

And this would probably make this the Best Day Ever:

I'm fucking adorable. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. PONY! I asked my sorta-boyfriend for a pony multiple times this weekend and he shockingly still hasn't presented me with one.