Thursday, February 20, 2014

Marianne: Red Jeans!

In this post, I mentioned that I was ordering a criminally cheap and possibly bad idea pair of 1969 Ankle-Zip Legging red jeans from the Gap. With a coupon code (because we never order from the Gap without a coupon code, right?) they were under $20, so even though I was certain they would be tragic I bought them, and....THEY ARE SO CUTE! They seem to float in and out of stock, sadly, but you can check the store or these are awfully similar for $10. These are a bit more but look promising as well.

The reviews all said to size up, so I did, and they are super comfortable but I'd say cut more like a skinny jean than a legging jean. I couldn't wear them with boots but they look great with clogs or these Frye flats. I can't wait to wear them in the spring with sandals. COME ON SPRING.

I bought this top (the Kaveri Henley from anthropologie) for a work thing and it was a total splurge BUT. It is pretty much my favorite thing right now. It's cut so perfectly and it just beyond cute and comfortable. I think I'll wear it to death. If you don't want to drop quite so much this blue patterened top is pretty cute too!

Did I mention the CUTE zippers up the back of the calves? I'm going to wear them unzipped with booties or sandals if this unseasonably warm weather keeps up. Yay, jeans!


  1. Fun! The zippers really make them look good from the back. ;)