Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cougars Love Rowing.

NOTE: This is really NSFW. You have been warned.

A: I thought you should know about this.

L: OH. My goodness. Somehow I think they've made some sort of clothing error! The clothes for the shoot didn't show up. And then....

L: Also to note: I rowed crew for exactly one year of college and NONE OF THE MEN look like this glorious team.

A: I secretly suspect they're a bunch of models. "Please take your clothes off...and, here. Hold this oar."

L: Yeah. Since when do Brits get to be that hot anyway? I'm suspicious.

A: I really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY like that they're all, "Hey, lets throw buckets of water at each other whilst naked! HAHAHAHA!"

L: If I have to pick favorites (twist my arm!) I'm going with the one doing hard labor carrying that heavy, moss-covered log. Tied with that is all the butts in this one:

A: DAT ASS. (please repeat 13 times. Yes, I counted.)

L: I hope you touched your screen with each number.....just to be sure you were getting it right.

A: Are you spying on me?

A: I would like a zoom feature for this one:

L: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaait a second. I just followed their links. So much more naked here.

A: WHEEEEEE.  I don't know that I've ever clicked a "follow" button that fast.

L: I'm signing up for Instagram just to stalk them, so...

L: Oh my god, I just imagined their accents accompanying those bodies. I fainted.


L: Can't respond. Still laying on the floor from my swoon.

A: Blimey.

L: How far of a flight is it to England, and how do the British feel about "cougars"?

A: Seven hours and let's find out.

L: Cheerio!


  1. The water picture makes that WHAM song (ie, Zoolander) start playing in my head. Wake me up, lads, before you go!

  2. I lived about 3 minutes from Warwick..WHY DID I NEVER SEE THIS CREW??
    It was 2005 so logically, I wasn't going to see the calendar...but I could have seen and heard them- laughing, joking, singing : " row (rhymes with "ow") row row your skiff, naked down the stream merrily merrily.... - hey, we stopping for a pint, lads?.... life is but a dreeeeaammm"


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