Thursday, July 17, 2014

Review: MBMJ Classic Q Wingman Wallet (And some Coupon Code Magic)

I mentioned recently that while out shopping with Kate she showed me this little MBMJ tech wallet and we talked about how useful it would be when you’re running errands or whatever and don’t want to take your whole purse. The only downside is that there’s no place for lipgloss. I immediately became obsessed and decided my life wouldn’t be complete without a phone-holding wallet.

I explored a few different options and finally decided that the one that made  the most sense was the most basic MBMJ style, the Classic Q Wingman in black:

I will be your wingman.

It already goes with a few of my bags and, hey, black is forever. (FYI, the brown version is on sale here.) The only real sticking point was the retail price, because no way am I spending $148 on a wallet. NOPE.

But, there’s always coupon code magic, right? RIGHT. Never pay retail, ladies. Just never. Please to observe:

  • Right now you can get 40% off one item at Piperlime if you sign up for their email list. There are a few exclusions, but it worked for the wallet. (If you’re already signed up, use another email address.)
  • If you have a store card (in my case a Banana Republic card) you get rewards. I had $20 in rewards burning a hole in my pocket.
  • I was able to stack another 15% off code specifically for card holders. (Tip: if you use Chrome, download the Honey extension. It finds codes for you! It’s kind of amazing.)
  • Don't forget to use eBates (my referral link) for 2.0% cash back because why not? 

So: $148 -40% -15% -$20 = $56 wallet. Much, much better.

I guess I should get around to reviewing it, eh? It arrived the other day and I was immediately pleased - it has the same thick pebbled leather as my Hillier Hobo and the hardware is satisfyingly sturdy. It zips around securely, which I love - nothing is more annoying than a flimsy zipper. This is a much smaller wallet than the one I'd been carrying (also MBMJ) but I carry around too much crap anyway, so this will force me to run a tighter wallet ship.


The phone pocket is great - fits my iPhone 5s even with the case on (though my case is a Speck Candy Shell, which is fairly minimal.)  I don't plan on leaving my phone in the wallet, but I like that I have the option of shoving it in if I need to. When my phone isn't in the wallet I use the phone sleeve section for my coffee shop punch cards and other non-essential bits.

Whee! I'm really happy with my boring new wallet and REALLY happy with the price I paid.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I just ordered the blue one from Piperlime... super excited to receive it!


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