Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Adrien: Stripes and Stuff.

I got this dress from the Gap last summer, they're always good for a striped dress or two.  It's pretty heavy-weight material which is nice and short, which I also like, though it's probably just on the edge of being too short for work. That never stopped me. 

I'm wearing my awesome Chie Mihara Dura sandals, which I wish they still made. This pair is similar, but I'm not sure I love the direction Chie has been taking. Still, these are the best and I will wear them until they're dead. 

Details, details. My bag is MBMJ Kirsten Globetrotter which I have been too lazy to switch out. It's out of stock, but this blue Marc bag is the next best thing. Or this little number!

I'm wearing the most serious of my tassel necklaces, this one from Ann Taylor. Don't you think it is different enough from the J.Crew version that I should have both? ME TOO.

They are completely different! Just like this striped dress is different than all my other striped dresses. Nothing to see here, move it along. 

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