Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Adrien: Old Navy Pass/Fail

Back to posting, but first I want to thank you all for your amazing messages of love and support towards Marianne. I know it means a lot to her and I maintain that we have the BEST readers ever. Also, there is now a Facebook group where you can get updates and also post messages of support. #goHugo! 

So, you remember this dress? And how much we liked it? And I even wore it and didn't bother to take photos because I thought I'd get to wear it more times? NO! NEGATIVE. It's apparently meant to be disposable because when washed it shrinks into a little baby tunic dress. Not cool, Old Navy. Ugh. But, I am happy to report that THIS DRESS I'm wearing is good* and work appropriate and stuff:

Potential good.

It's also a boob-maker so if you don't have those, this is the dress for you! (If you are already well-endowed, size up.)
I dig this dress because it's summery and just structured enough to be work-appropriate. (It's that time of year where I try to gauge how little clothing I can wear to work and not be sent home. Is this too short? How about this? Work-appropriate or no?) I'm also wearing my favorite Giles & Brother skinny cuff (also on sale!), which you probably already know.

My wedges are the gloriously comfortable TOMS strappy wedge (love the blue!) and my bag is my raspberry MBMJ Hillier Hobo (on sale!) On my toes is Essie in Style Hunter.

I am wearing a cheap-ass necklace from Forever21, but this one is nearly identical and looks to be superior in quality.  My lipgloss, which you can't really see and which I'm going to review later, is NYX Butter Gloss and (spoiler) it's basically awesome.

*I haven't washed it yet but it's ponte, not rayon, so fingers crossed.


  1. I've been following Marianne's Twitter and IG, and it's heartwarming to see how people have rallied to support Hugo and his family. Thinking of me every day. #gohugo

    I love this whole look, but I feel your pain re Old Navy. So hit-and-miss. But this dress really does make up for it- looks fab on you.

    1. Ugh, fat fingers fail. That should read "them" not "me", of course.

  2. You look smokin'

  3. Love that dress! Looks great on you.

  4. Adrien, I have the fail dress too, but haven't washed it. I wish I had sized up but the small fit so nice! And I happen to have that grey stripe dress on my way to me right now. I'm excited about how great it looks on you!

  5. Love the grey with your hair too! Well done old navy.
    I love seeing how many are rallying to support superstar Hugo! It's a beautiful thing.


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