Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So. I Went to The Mall.

I have been steadfastly avoiding the mall but my friend Ashley was in town (previous hijinks here and here) and as she succinctly put it, “When I get together with you I might as well just throw $150 on the sidewalk.” Hmph. I am not a bad influence except that I totally am because I doubt Ashley would have found herself in Saks and Anthropologie if not for me. Sorry/not sorry.

We started in Saks because she wanted to buy the same fancy Chanel lipstick her lovely mother was wearing, but they don’t have that color anymore, so she bought this one which looked awesome on her.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet #44

It is BRIGHT but that girl can wear color like nobody else.

She also re-bought a Clinique staple, the Chubby Stick Intense in Roomiest Rose which she swears by. I wouldn’t even let myself look at it because I DO NOT NEED LIP STUFF. NOPE. Lest you think I am now a saint-like non-shopping person, I was actually busy having some Saks lady apply $70 Cle de Peau concealer on my face because I NEEDED TO KNOW.

Cle de UGH concealer

Even though it’s a complete outrage how expensive this stuff is I will basically spend any amount of money on concealer and people swear by this one. She dabbed it on under my eyes and I grudgingly admitted it looked good. Then she said, “Now I’ll show you what it can do on your sun damage!” Thanks for noticing, lady. But you guys? She made my brown spots vanish. VANISH. I went out in the bright sunlight and scrutinized and it still looked good. DAMN. IT.  I did not buy it but I want it more now than ever.

We then went to Anthropologie where I tried on a bunch of stuff:

Mahdia Peasant Top
This is so cute but oddly, horrifyingly short on me. I'm not really doing the midriff thing. Ever.

Silk Racer Tank
This top is really nice, the colors were good and the price is amazing but silk is too high maintenance for me.

Islet Buttondown
This blouse is super comfortable and slouchy and the color is so good and Ashley made me buy it.

Tonnelle Dress
This dress didn't do much on me but looked fantastic on Ashley. (She bought it.)

AG Stevie Ankle Jeans

I tried these cropped jeans on in grey just so I could try on the tops and they came home with me too, but then I was all, “Oops, budget. Shit.” So they’ll most likely get returned (and the blouse might too.) They were soft and comfortable and oh my God I hate the budget. Commence to pouting.


  1. Return them and get the concealer instead.

  2. Wow that suggestion is right on. The jeans (and blouse) will go on sale, or you can find a reasonable dupe. Awesome concealer is both forever and elusive. Jump on it.

  3. Confession: I own Cle de Peau. It lasts FOREVER. There. Deal, sealed.

    1. Right, but do you love it? I mean, do you *LOVE* it?

  4. AG Stevie Ankle jeans are the greatest jeans in the universe. I swear I have at least 4 or 5 pairs and several are years old. They stand the test of time. YOU WILL NOT REGRET THEM! KEEP THE STEVIES I SWEAR!