Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Adrien: Anthro-apology.

I haven't been in Anthropologie much at all recently and the last few times I ventured in it was to find a birthday gift or something house-y. But, my great friend Ashley was in town recently and she doesn't get a lot of shopping time so off we went and tried on a bunch of stuff and it was really fun. Most of the stuff I tried on was pretty awful on me. (Like, if a dress is marked down to $29.99 it's probably FOR A GOOD REASON.) But I did find a few good things.

I tried on this Embroidered Kurti Top and really quite liked it:

Embroidered Kurti Top

The color was perfect and I loved how light and floaty it was but it was just on the other side of being too sheer to wear without a cami which completely defeats the light-and-floaty point. I didn't buy it. Instead, I bought a bunch of these:

Latte Bowls

I know, those are latte bowls, but aren't they stylish and cute? YES THEY ARE TOO. And basically the same color. (Also, they were marked way down in-store. Like, Target prices. And they have mini ones too!)

I also bought a pair of earrings that I'm basically in love with. I think we're getting married:

Weights and Measures Drops

I know, right? They are so sparkly and light and pretty. I think they only have the pink colorway online but there were lots of the green version in-store. I'm wearing them right now and I can't say enough about how damn good they are.

I'd basically stopped shopping at Anthro but this recent trip was a pleasant surprise and I think good bargains can be found if you really dig. Do you shop at Anthro? Any good finds lately?


  1. No shame about those latte bowls, it's like the only thing I have purchased at Anthro in a decade (other than a clearance belt that has been good to me). We have four of them and we use them all the time, though can't say they have ever been used for lattes. But they are sturdy and survive being knocked off the coffee table by a toddler (hypothetical).

  2. I love those Latte bowls and just purchased more recently..they are super handy!...Ummmmm. I shop at Anthro WAY too much :-)

  3. Argh, I hate to be the mood killer, but I feel pretty strongly about this one. I don't shop at Anthro. I used to really like the style, but the guy who owns the company (Richard Hayne) just *cannot* have my money. That, and a few other shenanigans with Anthro, and especially sister brand Urban Outfitters... I can't get past it. It's a bummer, but it sure saves me $$$.

  4. I like some of their little hair ornamenty things, recently bought dresser knobs for my kid, but also find dresses there fairly often. Bought a lovely Maeve dress way marked down just recently that is super cute and a halter dress that is a bit costumey, but cute and you can get away with that in summer, I think.

  5. I have the latte bowls in 2 different colors and love them!!! I've had them for about 6 years and use them all the time , but I've never used them for lattes. Ice cream, berries, pretzels, etc. Lattes? Never. Love the color of yours; makes me want to grab a few more.
    I have a love/hate relationship with Anthro. I get the catalogs and love everything in them. Then into to the store and I'm not so in live with everything. Then I try things on and I'm even less in love.
    I always love their home stuff. I can always find something to buy.
    I haven't been to a store for 4-5 months. Perhaps I need to visit again in hopes of reigniting the immense love I had for the store about 7 years ago.

  6. I love Anthro and I live walking distance from one. It's a dangerous situation.


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