Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Last summer I bought this dress from the Gap and wore the hell out of it. It's decent thick fabric and pleasingly tent-like without being unflattering. So great! Unfortunately, it seems to have mysteriously shunk over the winter. Whoops. But, they came out with another one, the Harbor Jersey Half-Sleeve dress, which I ordered with no real hopes. But! It's the same general cut and fabric, so hooray! It's making me pretty happy:

necklace: Ann Taylor (similar tassel necklace)

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  1. I have this dress in navy and absolutely LOVE it. It's a nice weight and a nice length (short but not too short to add a belt). I also bought the other striped dress that you linked and HATED it. It's super lightweight and just HANGS and has no shape at all.


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