Friday, June 28, 2013


A: For potential boyfriend perusal.

M: These men are EXHAUSTING.

A: They are all so high-maintenance.

M: The accessories alone. I'm not sure I could be with a guy with so many accessories.

A: I like Mister Fancy here with the arm party and pocket square and pin and watch and suspendrrrzzzz

M: And the baby pink suit? Baby. Pink. Suit.

A: I just cannot.

A: Also, I just want to roll up in there with a wheelbarrow full of socks and start passing them out.

M: Lot of sweaty feet there.

A: I'm gagging.

M: You brought it up.

A: You know what's needed here? A hipstervention.

M: Dandy rehab.

A: Schadentrousers!


  1. The one below baby-pink-suit guy is holding a FAN. And the one further down talking into a yellow plastic banana-ish phone receiver. What? I don't even know.

  2. spittin' coffee on the laptop at the "wheelbarrow full of socks" line. hilarious.

  3. The hair on those two guys in the Mandarin-style shirts! And the beard! And the dimples! They are almost cute enough for me to forgive the matching and the visible stomach hair.

    Guy with the fan gets a pass because of those amazing shoes. Unless the man painted on the sole is him.

  4. I'd bet a hefty sum that 99.9% of those men are gay.

  5. I just CAN'T.


    Please replace with the usual Friday boyfriends before my head explodes.

  6. I'm much more tolerant so I think this is fantastic. But they do all look like they should buy stock in Compeed plasters.

  7. I much prefer the shots of men in bathing suits- in which they are wearing the perfect accessory- abs.

    p.s. you guys are hilarious. those men are ridiculous.

  8. I much appreciated the silver-haired and tattooed...I get so little of that these days. : )