Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Adrien: Sparkly Bits.

I don't talk about jewelry much, probably because most of what I wear is basically disposable. I think Forever 21 is a great source for dirt-cheap jewelry if you don't think too hard about the implications. I hate Forever 21 but I am very attracted to their shiny cheap crap. Like a crow would be. I mean, come on:

This Spiked Fringe Beaded Necklace is all on-trend and would look really cool with a plain t-shirt. Then when you can't bear to look at another damn spiked thing you can just throw it away. (Or do what I do and relegate it to a dusty corner and never wear it again.)

These Studded Hoops are really cute and look to be the perfect size:

They're also mint colored so you can wear them for, like, the next 20 minutes. Yay!

This Hexagon Cuff is really cool and looks way more expensive than it is:

Or, it will until the gold stuff rubs off and turns your wrist green. But until that happens, you will be looking pretty, pretty, pretty cool.

Okay, enough of that. Here are some slightly better jewelry ideas. I mean, nothing obscene (ugh, isn't that beautiful?)  just nicer sparkly bits that I would very much like to decorate myself with:

I think these House of Harlow Rif Pebble Stud Earrings are really quite interesting and they're on sale to boot. I should probably just buy them. Something about that matte gold "stone" just really appeals. I also like these Juicy Couture Pave Feather Drop Earrings quite a bit:

Feathers are probably played but they're pretty and sparkly and fuck it, right? I like them.

I lovelovelove my Giles & Brothers Skinny Railroad cuff bracelets and definitely would like to own something else they make. This Skinny Cortina Cuff is polished and understated and might actually fit on my puny wrist:

Finally, I think this Alexis Bittar Crystal Spear Necklace is the perfect mix of edgy and delicate:

I'd probably end up spearing myself in the chest with it but wouldn't it look glamorous before that happened? I think so. Now, tell me about your favorite piece of jewelry. Or just tell me about your day. It's been lonely around here without Marianne.


  1. Or...rather than stashing your cast-off jewelry to a dusty corner, save it for your bling-loving niece. :)

  2. I like all of these things- especially the Bittar necklace. Forever21 bites my ass though, because I never want to pay shipping to buy their $3.80 necklace. I always manage to miss those random free shipping days that happen.

    On a different subject, what is with the weather around here? (RVA) Will someone please inform the weather that it is JUNE, and the time for April showers has PASSED. I am so over all of this dreary, overcast, crazy humid b.s.

    Alright, I'm done ranting. My day is really going great, overall, thank you for asking :)

    1. This weather is total bullshit, is what it is. Ugh.

  3. Not "crow" but "magpie". this coming from someone whose maiden name is Crow and nickname was Magpie.

  4. I put my unworn costume jewelry on my Christmas tree. Yup. I have a whole stash of stuff (I tuck it progressively into a bag that goes into the "Christmas box") that looks absolutely lovely when bedecking the fir tree. :)

    Or I give it to a local theatre if for some reason it doesn't work on the tree.