Monday, June 10, 2013

Marianne: Good Maxi Dress, Bad Maxi Dress

After bashing maxi skirts, I felt the need to defend maxi dresses. Because these fall from a higher point on my waist (instead of relying on clinging to my hips/butt to stay up, like maxi skirts), I think these are a lot more flattering in general. I could be kidding myself, but I think this one is pretty cute, even hugely pregnant:

But the maxi dress can go wrong too. I'm trying to find some dresses that will work for me right after I have the baby, and here is a secret: for a dress to work immediately post-partum, it should pretty much work while you are pregnant too. And so, I ordered two of these Target Mossimo V-Neck maxi dresses, in a pretty teal blue and a great coral orange. When I first wrote about them, I thought they looked comfortable and nursing friendly, but they don't work on me. They are cut really big on top and narrower in the hips, which is the opposite of what I need. They are also just a tad short, and too long waisted. Maybe good for someone, but not cut right for me at all. Oh well!

I'm still on the hunt for some easy, cheap dresses I can wear this summer while I'm home with the baby. When I returned this stuff to Target I bought this Liz Lange Maternity Maxi. AND IT IS SO GOOD. Hint: if you're tall and curvy, maternity maxis are awesome. Cut out the tag if it bothers you. I'll wear the hell out of this one.

I also picked up this shorter Liz Lange dress. Both are labeled nursing friendly and are great transitional pieces.

I'm also thinking about some straight up 70's-style caftans for around the house. I mean why the hell not?


  1. I'm not pregnant and don't plan on being pregnant ever again (although, who knows), but I am tall and curvy and REALLY want that Liz Lange maxi. It's SO pretty! Also, I love the colorful one you're wearing.

  2. I'm tall and apple-y, and the Mossimo works pretty well for me. Had to put in a discreet stitch to keep the top from flopping open, but happy with it so far, in fact I'm wearing it now :)

  3. I was obsessed with finding a maxi skirt last year but they were just dreadful on my curvy hips (pleated chiffon... cute in theory, shudder in practice).

    Finally found great ones at New Look (UK website). If you order, just add 6 to your US size. They work because they're fitted at the waist & are not too shirred (pleated/ruched). Plus pockets & pretty nice manmade fabric.

  4. I've done well with maxi skirts on Etsy. The day I learned that Lilly Pulitzer made skirts for fat girls was a beautiful day indeed.


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