Monday, May 13, 2013

Marianne: Shopping for AB (After Baby)

Suddenly I find myself 35 weeks pregnant, summer is right around the corner and I know what I'm facing: dressing myself for when after the baby comes. Because here is this thing: nothing you own already works for at least 3 months after you have a baby, if not longer (especially if you're nursing). The few things that fit won't be nursing friendly, and even if you haven't gained much weight your body is completely different. And that body is always changing, so the last thing you want to do is spend a lot of money on clothing. Fun!

With my budget and nursing/postpartum needs in mind, this is my dream AB (After Baby) wardrobe for the summer.

I'm mostly all about dresses, but I'd like the option to throw on a lightweight button-down shirt and some loose shorts, for walks to the park.

But dresses are really the answer. I love maxi dresses because they cover any swelling you might be dealing with (I don't swell when I'm pregnant but blow up like a balloon afterwards).

I love the henley neckline of this dress (perfect for nursing!) and the tomatoey color:

This striped crossover dress is cut a little low, but I'd try layering it over a nursing tank:

This jersey dress from Target looks like postpartum perfection, the kind of dress you'd want in every color. I'll definitely be buying this one.

Another great jersey maxi from Target, it would be so easy to slip those shoulder straps down to nurse, yet they are wide enough to wear a real bra under.

I am super intrigued by this Target Multi Wrap convertible dress. On the one hand, it looks kind of complicated. But it could be awesome? Has anyone tried this?

In the non-maxi realm, I am quite taken with this Chambray Embroidered Pintuck Dress from the Gap. It looks like the perfect thing to wear when you are feeling soft and squishy and a bit fat.

I've only just started window shopping for this next phase in my sartorial life, but I think this would be a great start. With coupon codes none of these dresses are much of an investment, and they would keep me from feeling completely schlumpy all summer. What do you think?


  1. I love that henley dress. The color is fabulous! I had fall babies so I spent most of my time in button down shirts with nursing tanks underneath. I really didn't do dresses because of the cool weather. This makes me want a summer baby!

  2. I had Ezra at the end of May and remembering having the same thought, "What the fresh hell am I GOING TO WEAR?!" And being a total novice, I didn't consider the logistics of nursing and the need for ease in getting it all situated.

    Long live the maxi dress.

  3. Those are all super cute. I want them and I'm not having a baby :)

  4. I have the pintuck Gap dress. it's a dream! i seriously love it.

  5. I have a multi style wrap dress like that black one. It is really fun for summer. You can twist the top straps around, wear it as a skirt and is great for summer.

  6. Very jealous of all your maxi options. I'd like a maxi but the shops here have NAZZING and I'm wary of buying something online. Think this is something I need to try on to avoid nightie territory. Especially since the only reason I want one is that I bought a long almost-a-real-dress nightie and it made me want a real-dress-not-night-dress.

  7. Saw the Gap pintuck chambray dress on your blog, ordered immediately and received today. So glad I did because it sold out right after I ordered. Think I'm going to love it.


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