Tuesday, May 21, 2013

It's Not a Rut, It's Giving Up.

M: I mean how many pairs of animal print accent flat sandals does one person need? Sigh.

Sam Edelman Gigi

A: Well, those are pretty damn cute.

M: I have some kind of flat t-strap sandal problem?

A: I wish the Dolce Vita pair we both have was more comfortable.

M: They don't hurt me like they do you, but they definitely aren't my most comfortable sandals, by a long shot. I really need to replace my plain gold Ann Taylor sandals that you sent me. I've worn those to death.

A: Oh, my pair of AT sandals are pretty raggedy. I keep wearing them.

M: Me too. I can't quit them.

M: I'm kind of annoyed that I didn't buy that Gap pintucked dress I linked to, because it is now of course sold out.

A: I clicked on it right when you posted about it and it was sold out then too. Stupid Gap.

M: It does come in a different fabric that I would ruin instantly:

Gap Pintuck Dress

A: Cute! I would put that on and immediately spill coffee on it.

M: But man, I just want to swan around in that all summer with the baby.

A: Or! I'd decide to have marinara sauce for lunch.

M: The baby would poop on it or something terrible.

A: Ew. Or I'd be all, "YAY. Cherries are in season! Oh."

M: I am half considering buying it and dyeing it after I stain the fuck out of it.

A: That's not a bad idea, actually. Except for the dyeing part which I'd never actually do.

M: Oh for fuck's sake, I went to add it to my bag and the last one sold out. WhatEVER.

A: Store search?

M: Not available in stores. Ugh. I have birthday money to spend.

A: I ordered a couple of sale dresses from the Gap last week that I'm pretty sure I'll end up returning:

Gap printed shift dress

Gap Harbor jersey half-sleeve dress
A: I don't like anything.

M: I keep thinking I should go ahead and get a couple of things for after the baby comes but ugh. Shopping is a drag right now. But it will be worse then, so. Screwed.

A: Oh, you have my sympathy. I don't even know. Mainly what I'd like is a couple of cute summer tops that aren't t-shirts. Or dry-clean only.

M: Well those don't exist.

A: They really don't. I SWEAR TO GOD.

M: I believe you! Clothes are stupid and I quit.

A: Just out of spite, I bought a couple more of those Old Navy vintage tees that I like. THAT IS PLENTY DRESSY I GUESS.

M: Heh.


  1. Where are the cute $20 dresses Target has every year? I just ruined my navy one from a couple years ago.

  2. lol. Ok, I know that's an inane sort of comment,especially as it's what I want to convey every time I post a comment here, but it happens to be true.

    Sometimes it's good to find nothing for awhile. And then there are days when you go into a store and find 10 things that look great, are your style, and that you will wear and need. And there goes the budget. So enjoy the downtime.

    Try Forever 21 for cute $20 dresses. Though one must suffer several dozen "Oh cute :)!" "Damn it, it's mullet" there as well. But I found a stunning little tan "silk" number; just a plain sheath type at-the-knee-sleeveless for 22 bucks and I stared in disbelief in the fitting room- the thing looks and fits like it's a Chloe. So there's def. good stuff to be had there. And a girl I know strolled by with with this red "silk" number with a couple gold buttons on one shoulder, simply adorable. Ditto, $20 bucks, F21. Cheap thrills :)

    1. Girl. We are going to need some LINKS.

    2. lol- right; will get on that. Although not sure that those two dresses are still in- you have to be faster than lightening in Forever21- but if I see something cute next time I'll make sure to link poste-haste ;)

    3. Can't find my tan "silk" dress- and for some reason you can't see the gold shoulder buttons (nautical style) on this dress:


      (also, no way is it that short- it's just above the knee in real life- that model is a stretch, I guess)


      And this^ is it not cute?!

  3. That Gap dress is hideously unflattering; you didn't miss anything. Somehow blousy AND tight on top & voluminous AND clingy in the bottom (regardless of size). Horrible pocket placement just adding to the bulk. And fabric like a cotton parachute/tablecloth/net curtain purchased at the dollar store.

    Bought amazing sandals, though. Sofft Bernia. Normally I have Princess and the Pea feet but I wore these for 8 hrs straight the first day without any soreness at all. They look super cute too. I'm probably gonna get the black as well.

  4. I got the Gap dress and it's a winner in book. I bought the Medium and it fits great. It even comes with it's own slip that actually fit great as well. It is an easy dress to wear with scarves and dress up or down with heels or flats. I was so glad that I went immediately to the Gap site when I saw your post.

  5. I have the jersey half sleeve dress. It's fabulous. It's the perfect length for me and I love the stripes.

    I usually hit up the Target summer dresses too and this year I hate everything that they have. It makes me sad!

    1. My order arrived yesterday and I really like that one! Definitely a keeper.

  6. I need to know how one wears thong sandals without going insane from the little strip of leather rubbing in between your toes? That is one of the great mysteries of life I have never figured out.

  7. Per dry clean only: I did some textile reading, and now I delicate wash certain "dry clean only" clothes with reckless (well, not reckless...) abandon. I use mesh washer bags and Woolite in cold water, and it works out just fine. 100% silk, even with pin-tucks, and 100% rayon have worked out just fine for me, and cashmere/wool as long as the knit isn't open/funky/of varying sizes.

    Clothing is required to come with a care label in the U.S. And for many manufacturers, it is easier to say "Dry Clean Only" than "Wash this carefully, you complete tool." It also raises the "prestige" of an item for some people, if it is Dry Clean Only.


    I'll admit, I'm playing a bit of Russian roulette with those few items in my wardrobe. But better to have it, machine wash it in a mesh bag, and get to wear it than A) buy it and never wear it because I never take things to the cleaners or B) don't even buy it, because of A. I have, thus far, shrunken or ruined a grand total of one item this way. The rest - I'll wager three dresses, about a dozen sweaters, one top, and one skirt - all live on and are no worse for the wear.

    1. I totally agree and I've definitely washed a few things marked dry-clean only, but I'm not willing to risk it with some of my clothes. I love them too much.

      Cashmere should NEVER be dry-cleaned no matter what the label says. I hand wash my cashmere.

  8. Sigh. Those jeans Sam Edeleman Gigi sandles are wicked cute but they are oddly too flat for me. I have a black pair I bought from South Moon Under last summer that have some cute sparkles/bling but damn do my feet hurt after a few hours in them. They might be fine if I had an office job but yeah, no.

    I bought these yesterday, the little itty bitty baby demi-wedge makes 'em bearable. So far I'm in love! http://www.southmoonunder.com/DV-by-Dolce-Vita-%27Ayden%27-Thonged-Metal-Accent-Sandals/158708,default,pd.html