Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Why Marianne never gets to bed on time.

A: This is, literally, the best thing I've ever seen in a fashion magazine:


A: I KNOW. It's like: "Please wear this nurse hat. And look over here. Oh, and hold these THREE FLUFFY LITTLE MONKEYS."

M: Perfect

A: This one is also outstanding:

A: She's all, "AhhhhhhhhnooooOMGsomeonetakeitaway."

M: Oh what the fuck. Animal notwithstanding, that's not where the stethoscope goes.

A: Moddles are not actual animal nurses.

M: Nope

A: It's all gold:

A: "This is hard. Can I hold a monkey instead?"

A: "NO. We have monkey!"

M: Heheh

A: God bless Harper's Bazaar. And Carine Roitfeld.

M: Oh lord. Truly. Ok it's my bedtime.

A: One more, hang on:

A: "Oh fuck, help me."

M: Haaaa

A: Okay, you can go to bed now. Good night!

M: Good night!


  1. Ok, I thought I couldn't look any more ridiculous, wandering around my house, semi-clothed, waiting for the self-tanner to dry. But I just snorted out loud at "NO. We have monkey," so apparently I can look even more uncool. Perhaps if I had a monkey of my own...

  2. i would be cuddling that baby tiger so hard, they'd have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.

  3. OMG, this is so ridiculously hilarious! The model listening to/cooling off her armpit with the stethoscope is my fave.

  4. This is, anonymously, BoSanBo. I'm having serious "Archer" flashbacks. "That's just my stupid ocelot."