Wednesday, May 8, 2013


M: I just saw a pic of Carine Roitfeld from the Met Gala and thought it was Iggy Pop. Whoooops.

A: I'm sure that happens to her a lot. The way you tell them apart is, Iggy Pop never wears a shirt.

M: Right! Right.


Shirt: French Vogue editor
No Shirt: elderly punk rock star

But I can see the confusion.

M: Doesn't Iggy Pop get cold occasionally?

A: He's basically pickled, so no. But I adore him, terrifying leathery chest and all.

M: He works it. God, the Met Gala. Apparently a punk theme = aggressively hideous fashion. I think Sienna Miller is one of the only people that looks good and thematically appropriate.

A: That jacket! She looks great! Um, Gwyneth did not get the punk theme memo:

M: Most people didn't. Bless Madonna's heart though.

A: She looks like a straight up crazy person. Christina Ricci looked good, she was wearing Westwood, at least.

M: It's a little on the nose, but I'll let it slide. Unlike Kristen Stewart WTF.

A: Hey, better to go for the safe bet than to miss the mark altogether, Katie Holmes.

M: We are ignoring the elephant in the room, you know.

A: Girl, that room is full of elephants.

M: But. BUT.

A: OH. That elephant in the room. Yeah, well. Kardashian. Pass.

M: I just can't with her. I can't. She is so ridiculous and I should feel some kind of pregnant lady solidarity but I CAN'T KIM. WHAT ARE YOU WEARING FOR FUCKS SAKE.

A: I just can't with that whole clan. No.

M: They are a plague.

A: They ruin everything. Why is she invited to cool stuff like that? Unfair.

M: Kanye? I don't know.

A: Fake. FAKE. FaKHFsdh;kHA; UGH. I have to go lie down

M: I'm already laying down.

A: Does it make it better?

M: Not really.

A: Dang.


  1. Sienna Miller's look is great! Also, in the GP photo, the woman in the back and the black and white gown - I am curious about her arm decoration.

  2. Just discovered it's Leelee Sobieski.

  3. I read that that's exactly why Kartrashian was invited, after Wintour purposely snubbed her before--because Kanye was invited. Maybe performing?