Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marianne: Review of Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls

A quickie post from me today (let me tell you, the new baby is awesome but he really cuts into my blogging time!). I tried a new hair product recently and since I know y'all love to talk about curly hair, I wanted to review it. Complete with pictures!

Commenter Allison recommended Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls,and I was so intrigued by her description that I had to try it for myself. And I really like it! It gives me defined curls and wards off the frizz even in humid weather. My hair stays looking decent for a few days without washing, too. BUT. It smells so strongly of fabric softener that it kind of freaks me out. If you're sensitive to smells you may hate this.

Downy fresh scent aside, it's a good product and has me intrigued by the whole line. Has anyone tried the Quick Curls or Creme de la Curl? What about the interestingly named Curly Meringue?Do they all smell like laundry products?


  1. I've tried Quick Curls, and it made my hair kind of crunchy/oily - you know how curly hair can look wet when it's not? I really hate that, and I got that with Quick Curls. It had a fairly strong scent, but I don't remember it being too offensive. I just got a sample of Pillow Soft Curls in my Birchbox, and it seems to work better for me, though the consistency is a little weird. I'm going to keep trying it to see how it goes. My hair is really similar to yours.

  2. Commenter Allison! That's me! Haha. Your hair looks great! I actually found the smell tolerable, compared to others I've tried.(I will never forget the time when I used the Redkin Curl line that smelled just like men's cologne. Ugh.)

    I am also curious to see if anyone else has tried the other products! I have tried the stretch silkening cream and it did NOT work for my hair at all. That one had no scent though, so maybe they don't scent everything like Downy, haha.

  3. So I just checked out the Pillow Soft curls, and it turns out that on the Miss Jessie's website you can order 2 samples for just a $1 shipping charge. Cool!

  4. No reccs on curl products, but wanted to say I love both of these pics with your sweet!

  5. I've tried the Curly Pudding (these names are seriously weird) which I liked but didn't love. It left my hair very soft and moisturized, but it wasn't a strong enough hold for my tight curls. It also has a very strong scent-- like grape soda, not laundry, though!