Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Marianne: This is the End.

Okay, true that I have a two-week-old baby (and thank you all SO MUCH for the sweet words on Hugo's little announcement post, I love you all to bits), but I figured after all these months I owed you guys one more example of Maternity Style. Plus, this is a great follow up to my maxi dress post. And so, here I am the day before I had a baby, at 38.5 weeks:

Now, perhaps the ombre effect on this Merona Kimono-Sleeve Maxi Dress makes me look like I've been wading through a marsh somewhere, but I loved the color and the neckline is perfect for breastfeeding. And let's face it, I was excited to wear something that wasn't maternity.

Good lord. That baby was ready to come out! 


  1. Aw! You look adorable. I bought that dress in the aqua/olive chevron. It is so comfortable, it feels like pajamas!

  2. Love the color and looks super comfortable.